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As one oft he leading manufacturers, continually developing innovations, Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co KG offer an extensive range of different articulating papers and test-films in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Also sprays, liquids and instruments can be found in our product range.

Products and services

Achieving visible markings on problematic surfaces such as gold, metal alloys and ceramics, but especially on moist occlusal surfaces represents another challenge.

We set our sights on achieving optimum color transfer from thicker papers to our ultra-thin occlusion test films. Our new test films are produced with an improved color coating, which can transfer more effectively onto polished masticatory surfaces because of its hydrophilic properties. Adding certain substances has also solved the problem of static loading.

Progress 100

Progress 100

This 100 micron paper is impregnated with hydrophilic waxes and pharmaceutical oils. This unique combination with the bonding agent Transculase® enhances detection of high spots on hard to locate surfaces, such as highly polished metals or ceramics. Its hydrophilic properties make it advantageous for use on moist occlusal surfaces - a highly desirable attribute.



Bausch Arti-Check®40µ micro-thin Articulating Papers are thin and tear-resistant papers which are coated with liquid colors on both sides. False or smear contacts can thus be avoided. These papers are also available in horseshoe-shape. The pre-cut paper can easily be applied without forceps or any other handling devices. All horseshoe-shaped papers come in plastic dispensers to facilitate removal with one hand.

Arti-Fol®12µ metallic

Arti-Fol®12µ metallic

Arti-Fol®12µ metallic is a high-tech test film with distinctly improved features. This test film is made of metallic polyester film (Shimstock-film) only 12µ thick. The combination of a newly created color coating and a metallic film offers certain advantages in some applications. This film possesses excellent color transfer. High spots can easily be detected, especially on ceramic or highly polished metal surfaces.

News & Innovations


OccluSense® - Innovative System for digital Occlusion Test The new system, developed by Bausch, combines the traditional and digital registration of the pressure distribution of the occlusal surfaces. For more information, go to | » Further reading 


ArtiBrux® is an Occlusal Indicator Paint in Red: To control static and dynamic on restorations, prosthetics and splints Short term occlusion control (max. 24 hours).| » Further reading 

BIO-Ink® Flow Sore Spot indicator 

BIO-Ink® Flow is a green, highly viscous, easy to apply paste for marking sore spots on the gum and locating them on the denture.| » Further reading 


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